Kevin & Angela Blank

KB, Angela & Family
In 2013 we felt God leading us to Uganda. After God brought many things to pass, we made the move in September. We joined New Hope Uganda at their Musana Camps location. The property is located right on the edge of Lake Victoria- a splendid view!   Since coming here we have brought 4 children into our home- 3 of which we are in the process of adopting.
At Musana Camp we do various things. We host groups from all over Uganda, and occasionally from other countries, teaching them about the fatherhood of God. Our main thrust is promoting Biblical manhood and womanhood. KB is the assistant construction supervisor, mainly focusing on maintenance and woodworking. He also shares the preaching responsibilities and teaches a Tuesday night men’s Bible study. Angela heads up Sunday school and the women’s craft ministry. She teaches a monthly Bible study to the ladies. She enjoys visiting Nalamuli- a local fishing village.

Kevin & Angela Blank are missionaries living & serving in East Africa, Uganda helping with orphans

kb and angela blank

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